Untouched Thailand – Koh Yao Noi

You’ll come away from this tiny Thai island whispering its name. Torn between wanting to tell everyone you’ve ever met just how special it is, yet not wanting to risk revealing its untroubled beauty to another soul. Sleeping in a room with only three walls proved more romantic in […]

Songkran in Kantiang

“Most people see the world as it is and ask why? We see the world as it isn’t as and ask – Why Not?” That’s the local wisdom in this cracking little corner of Ko Lanta, Kantiang Bay. You’ll find Bob Marley drifting on the breeze, makeshift lanterns dancing […]

Paradise at Sala Phuket 

The Hush: We looked like we had absolutely no business being there. Stood against a backdrop of ornamental lily ponds and manicured gardens, we stuck out like sore thumbs, sweltering in our two-day old t-shirts. Cursing Air China for losing our bags, we came to regret our choice […]

La Serenissima – Venice

The Hush: Devastatingly romantic and achingly pretty, a quick whisk round Venice could melt even the stoniest of hearts. But in the summer, her affectionate nickname ‘La Serenissima’- the serene one, can seem more than a little ironic. People pour from piazzas and spill into squares, a jostling jumble […]

Go Slow- Ko Lanta

The Hush:You gonna go party in Phi Phi? Locals in Phuket will ask. Tell them you’re off to Ko Lanta and you’ll be met with some confusion. Maybe our youthful looks are deceiving but to me Phi Phi’s party scene didn’t sound all that appealing to me. An unparalleled natural beauty, but tarnished by […]